Wednesday, October 22, 2008

granny's babysitting trip

Here it is all ready October. A week ago I went to Heather's home in New Mexico and I stayed a week with Spencer and Jamie while Heather and Jared went on a cruise to Mexico. I had the best time with Spencer and Jamie. We mostly just stayed home since I do not know my way around the city. I played the Wii with Spencer. Of course he beat me at every game except for bowling. Jamie and I went for walks everyday down to the park and to meet Spencer at the bus stop when he would come home from school. We did go to McDonald's play land once and eat lunch. I let them play for over an hour. Then Jamie threw the biggest screaming tantrum and did not want to go home. Everyone was laughing including me. So I just carried her out screaming the whole way. One night we went to Spencer's cub scouts. That was a lot of fun. It has been so long since I have been to scouts. Spencer loves cub scouts so much. I hated when the time came and I had to go back home and tell them good bye. They both cried when grandma left, it just ripped out my heart. I was happy to go home and see Kirk again and be back in my own home. I missed him so much. It is fun to be a grandma and be able to help out with the kids when they need you. So now I am back to work with the Day Care and all of my little kids. I sure did miss them. It is so amazing how attached you become to all of these little ones.