Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Staycation

We were planning on going camping, but the weather was going to be raining. So we decided to stay home and do camping in the back yard. Monday was actually nice and we did get to go boating. We had the best time. After boating we came back home and bbq some hamburgers and hotdogs, and watched a movie. Sunday after church we cooked some dutch oven bbq chicken and potatoes. Becky made a great dutch oven pinapple upside down cake. Yummy. Saturday the kids all played in the water, and we had some dutch oven navajo tacos. And we watched the amazing BYU football game.

We also adopted a new family. They are Jess and Jareds good friends. Becky and Gus and there 3 kids. Since our other 2 daughters live far away we decided we needed some more family close by. They are great and we had a lot of fun with there cute family.
Jess and Jayda
Jared and Gus
Keira's best friend, Burno.
Nyah with some yummy smores

Kirk and Gus cleaning the dutch ovens

Every one has been asking which daughter besides Heather is pregnent. Yes it is Jessi. we are so excited for another adition in the family.

Making smores on the patio

My son the practical joker, puting a Santa in our front yard. And not just one but 2 very large Santa's. He found them in a dumpster. Thanks Blake !!! I'll get even, so watch out.

Go BYU !!!!! Oh YA.
What a great game.

Becky's little girl Kaylee.

Keira, actually without Bruno in her arms.

Nayah, Dallin, and Jayda.

Becky and Gus's little doll Tylee.

Jess, Gus, Becky, and Blake

Keira, and Bruno. She never did go swimming.

Nyah, Dallin, and Kaylee.
Good friends, family, and food. Making
some great memories. what a great end to
a wonderful summer. Family is the best happiness
and that is what life is all about.