Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Staycation

We were planning on going camping, but the weather was going to be raining. So we decided to stay home and do camping in the back yard. Monday was actually nice and we did get to go boating. We had the best time. After boating we came back home and bbq some hamburgers and hotdogs, and watched a movie. Sunday after church we cooked some dutch oven bbq chicken and potatoes. Becky made a great dutch oven pinapple upside down cake. Yummy. Saturday the kids all played in the water, and we had some dutch oven navajo tacos. And we watched the amazing BYU football game.

We also adopted a new family. They are Jess and Jareds good friends. Becky and Gus and there 3 kids. Since our other 2 daughters live far away we decided we needed some more family close by. They are great and we had a lot of fun with there cute family.
Jess and Jayda
Jared and Gus
Keira's best friend, Burno.
Nyah with some yummy smores

Kirk and Gus cleaning the dutch ovens

Every one has been asking which daughter besides Heather is pregnent. Yes it is Jessi. we are so excited for another adition in the family.

Making smores on the patio

My son the practical joker, puting a Santa in our front yard. And not just one but 2 very large Santa's. He found them in a dumpster. Thanks Blake !!! I'll get even, so watch out.

Go BYU !!!!! Oh YA.
What a great game.

Becky's little girl Kaylee.

Keira, actually without Bruno in her arms.

Nayah, Dallin, and Jayda.

Becky and Gus's little doll Tylee.

Jess, Gus, Becky, and Blake

Keira, and Bruno. She never did go swimming.

Nyah, Dallin, and Kaylee.
Good friends, family, and food. Making
some great memories. what a great end to
a wonderful summer. Family is the best happiness
and that is what life is all about.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping in Star Valley

Kirk and I traded in our old camp trailor and decided to get something a little newer. So we decided to go camping in Star Valley up at Palisade's Lake. We have not been there for over 7 years. I forgot how beautiful it was up in the mountains and the lake. We met Karri and Ty up there and also brought some of our friends from Draper. My niece Aubree and Shane also came up and went camping. My sister Patty came up Saturday and went boating and then came up to camp and ate some dinner with us. We came up on Aug 20th and then left on the 24th. We had such a great time. This is Mike swiming on Friday morning.
What a beautiful Lake.

Kirk starting to cut up some fire wood.
He misses cutting wood for the winter. Karri and baby Kaija
Grandmas litlle dolly. Trying to get her shoe back on
Camping with grandkids is so much fun.
Picking flowers.
Our good friends Mike and Jody Rappleye

Eating up at camp is always the best and
so much good food. Friday Night we played guitar hero. It was so
much fun. I am so hooked now.

Aubree and Shane Flud
Ty, the best eater at camp.
Kirk eating breakfast.
The newest member of out family "Bruno"
His first camping trip
Kaija likes cooking in the trailor
Mike and Kaija
Karri and Ty on the boat
Lesia and Jody on the boat
Patty and her little grandson AJ

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

The other day during daycare Jessi and her girls were here helping out. I was cleaning and doing some laundry. At the end of the day I said to Jessi,
"Oh I am so pooped" Keira looked at me and said "grandma you pooped, you should poop in the bathroom". I just died laughing. It just made my day.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family reunion

Our family looks forward to our Kirk Hoopes reunion to Cherry Hill. Every year we have the best time. We have been going for over 20 years now. And now are family has grown so much. There are 13 of us now, and two more on the way. We have the best family. Besides reunions, we love to go boating in the summer, and camping. And having Sunday dinners together. I only wish I would have taken pictures of the whole group of us, and individual family pictures. Hopefully next time I will remember.

Jamie, Heather's youngest. We are at Cherry
Hill for the Kirk Hoopes family reunion. We look forward to it every year. The grandkids are all ready asking when are we going again.
Kirk hates his picture taken, so this is as good
as it gets. He was sick with the stomach flu most of the three days. He was so bummed. He looks forward to this every year. He is such a fun grandpa and they love him so much.

Nyah, Jessi's oldest. Eating grapes, she loves
fruit more than sweets.

Jamie and Keira playing in playing in
Pirates Cove.
Baby Jayda, or as we call her Shay Shay.

Keira, loved all of the water toys
Jamie, I was so glad that Heathers family
was able to come this year. I miss them so
much. They live so far away.
This picture cracks me up. Jessi would do
this when she was little. Eating butter.
Jayda, loves her butter.
Crash and burn. Jamie was so tired.
She had such a fun time and always
running and playing.
We love our Blakers, He is the favorite Uncle,
with the kids. He is always playing with them.
Jessi and Jayda, after eating the butter.

Keira, with the blowup turtle that we had for
the two babie. She is such a crack up. She walked
around the whole block with this on.
Jared, Jessi's husband cooking twinkies. Yes twinkies.
Dont knock it until you try it. It is really good.
Karri and Ty posing for the Camera.

Karri's and Ty's little angel Kaija. She wants
to be big like her cousins. She just can not figure
out how to ride this bike.
Jared Runia helping out with the cooking.
All of our son-in-laws help out so much with
the cooking. They are great.
Karri up at camp.

Back up at camp eating lunch.

Jess and Jared
The week before Cherry Hill, Heather and the kids came
to spend some time. We loved it.
Jamie on the slide, again, and again.
This is my sister Robynn's son Dylan. Playing
with his cousins. Mostly Spencer.
Spencer on the slide

Spencer and Dylan.

Best friends
Spencer or Uncle Blake calls him

Daycare in the morning before it gets hot