Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping in Star Valley

Kirk and I traded in our old camp trailor and decided to get something a little newer. So we decided to go camping in Star Valley up at Palisade's Lake. We have not been there for over 7 years. I forgot how beautiful it was up in the mountains and the lake. We met Karri and Ty up there and also brought some of our friends from Draper. My niece Aubree and Shane also came up and went camping. My sister Patty came up Saturday and went boating and then came up to camp and ate some dinner with us. We came up on Aug 20th and then left on the 24th. We had such a great time. This is Mike swiming on Friday morning.
What a beautiful Lake.

Kirk starting to cut up some fire wood.
He misses cutting wood for the winter. Karri and baby Kaija
Grandmas litlle dolly. Trying to get her shoe back on
Camping with grandkids is so much fun.
Picking flowers.
Our good friends Mike and Jody Rappleye

Eating up at camp is always the best and
so much good food. Friday Night we played guitar hero. It was so
much fun. I am so hooked now.

Aubree and Shane Flud
Ty, the best eater at camp.
Kirk eating breakfast.
The newest member of out family "Bruno"
His first camping trip
Kaija likes cooking in the trailor
Mike and Kaija
Karri and Ty on the boat
Lesia and Jody on the boat
Patty and her little grandson AJ


James and Sarah Narramore said...

How fun!!! AJ is so stinking cute too! :) I wish Marcie would get a blog!

Sheri said...

I didn't know you had a blog either, so fun to hear from you. Karri's little girl is darling. Good to hear from you and hope things are well.