Friday, February 6, 2009


Kirk and I went to Maui in January. It was so great and wonderful. We were there for 10 days. We were able to go on a boat and see the whales, snorkeling, and also a helicopter ride over the whole island. It just went by way to fast. And now we are back home in the cold winter weather. But it is good to be back. We missed our family and especially all of our little grandchildren. Every night we would go for a walk on the beach. Kirk spraying off the sand.
This is the beach in front of our hotel.

This is the day we went snorkeling on Molokini island.

This is a beautiful waterfall on one of our many walks.

We loved the beautiful sunsets.

Heather and Jared were up from Albquerque, and had there family pictures taken by Jessi. We sure do wish they lived closer we miss them so much. We enjoy there trips when ever they can visit.

Jamie 2 and Spencer 8

Jessi's three girls, Nyah 6, Jayday 1, Keira 4.
At least they live so close by and I can get my
grandma fix.





RaNette Hyde Free said...

Wow - It looks like you had an amazing vacation! I loved looking at your pictures and really liked your summer outfit! I bet it was fantastic in the sun - Our turn next!!!

Haven't seen you in a while! Miss you guys! Bye for now Mama Hoopes.

jhepster said...

Neat-O. I am so glad you got away and had a nice time in Hawaii. Jeff and I are trying to plan a trip next winter to Hawaii. I will have to ask for pointers. It was so good to see you at Sarah's baby shower. You look so great. Love ya, Joy.