Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Fun 2010

The first part of June we started with Nyah's baptism day. It was so wonderful. She looked so beautiful. Like an angel from heaven. I am so proud of her.

The next day Sunday was Connor's blessing.
He is such a smiling little cutie

A family picture of a wonderful 2 days
Then a couple of weeks later we spent a week in Lake Powell. We had a great time. We brought our camp trailor and stayed in Paige. It was nice to come back to the trailor and take a shower after a hot sandy day on the Lake. Jess, Jared and their 4 kids, and Karri and Kaija were able to come too.

Jared and his son and his favorite place on
earth, Lake Powell

The 4th of July Jess and Jared had a bbq in our back yard. We had a lot of people, water fights, yummy food, and fire works.

All the men ganged up on Blake and Cameron and threw them in the water, clothes and all. It was great.

The middle of July was our yearly family reunion to Cherry Hill. Everyone was there except for Heather's Jared. He had to work. We all look forward to this every year. Our family has grown so much. We are expecting our 9th grandchild in December. We will have 5 girls and 4boys.

Jessi's little guy Connor his first year at Cherry Hill.

Heather and Jacob, his first year at Cherry Hill.
Grandkids are the best : )

Ty and Karri and soon to be # 9

Grandpa and Connor

My how they have grown, It seems like yesterday, that Karri
was 3 and it was our first trip to Cherry Hill.

Cameron and Blake they are the fun in our family

Jen, Cameron, and Blake Heather and the kids, I can not believe that Spencer is
10 now, and Jamie is 5, and Jacob is 7 months.

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