Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Fun

Over Memorial weekend we went boating and had a BBQ/Fire in our backyard. It was so cold, but we made the best of it, I guess that is most of the reason why we ended up with a fire. Notice all of the jackets/coats and blankets for everyone to keep warm. We figured it would be warm at the end of May in Utah but we where wrong, that weekend brought cold days and winds. It was really fun hanging around family, my sister Patty came down from Star Valley for the weekend.

On June 19th our newest grandbaby arrived weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz. Karri had a hard time getting her here being in labor for 2 days but she was a real trooper. Her name is Kaija Kali Warren. She is so beautiful with TONS of dark hair! So now we are up to a total of 6 grandkids. 5 girls and 1 boy (poor Spencer the lone boy).

We had so much fun on the 4th of July. We went boating with Jess, Jared, and the girls. The girls LOVED the boat. Keira loves it the most especially her "yummy's" aka Starbursts. After boating we had a BBQ at our house. We even had a fire and smores which was so much fun. Nyah had fun munching on fruit and Keira ate a whole bunch of Marshmellos, nothing like exact oppositeswith kids. After that we lit sparklers which they loved too. It's so nice to at least have some of our grandkids close by so we can get our grandkid fix on a regular basis.

We had fun this summer with the daycare, we played in the water every Tuesday & Thursday, they LOVED it. It was really hot this year as usual so it was a nice way to get cooled off.

This was Kaija's Baby blessing. We had BBQ at the Warren's house, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone together and of course to see our newest grandbaby again.


Ty& Karri said...

I love all the cute pics! I want that pregnant picture of me. I don't have a lot. Will you have jessi help you email it to me.

Lisa said...

So fun to see what your family is up to. I can't beleive how grown up everyone is! Kari had a baby, Jessica has 3 kiddos, whoa! How is Heather doing?