Thursday, August 28, 2008

I thought I would add some more pics to my blog. 8-21 was Spencers big 8th birthday. So we all went down to Albuquerque for his birthday and baptism. Jess and her family, Blake, and Karri and baby Kaija. Spencer and Jamie

Spencer and dad
Jayda, Keira, Jamie, and Nyah

Spencer and dad before the baptism. Aunt Jessi gave a talk on baptism, and grandpa Kirk talked on the Holy Ghost. Baby Kaija (the princess)

Jamie reading to her baby, and playing outside.
We all had such a great time. It was so fun to have everyone together for this special occasion. It was really hot though. Heather and Jared are doing great in their new home. I never did get any pictures of them, or of their new home they built. They are the ward missionaries and have had some baptisms all ready. Jared is still working for Verizon in the main offices. Heather is currently going to school to be medical transcriptionist and will be done shortly, she enjoys staying home, playing with Jamie and Spencer. I just wish they lived a lot closer. The drive took 11 hours.


~Beginning to End~ said...

This is Sarah. I love that you have a blog and I love the pictures of everyone! I just can't believe that Spencer is old enough to be getting baptized. ha They are all getting so dang big!

Gale said...

WOW, your family is sure growing! Lots of beautiful little blond angels and one little dark haired one. Lucky YOU!!! Being together as a family and supporting these special events is what it's all about. Congratulations on your baptism Spencer and on turning eight. Keep the pictures coming Lesia and thanks for letting me know about the update. You have a beautiful family!
Love ya, GALE

Clancy and Natayle said...

Hi Lisa!

This is Natayle.... wow it's been a really long time. I miss you guys so much! I wish I could rewind 15 years and be at daycare watching Saved by the Bell and letting Jessi play with my hair. Anyway, glad to see you guys are doing well, Jess has such cute little girls, and now Karri too! How exciting.