Friday, September 5, 2008

The NEW BYU Cheerleader

Since Jared Runia and Kirk always have season tickets to BYU every year. Karri thought she would send a picture of BYU's newest cheerleader aka "cheerleader in training"


Ty& Karri said...

SHE IS NOT THE BYU CHEERLEADER! If anything she is the cheerleader at the U. Those were just her travel clothes. You punks!

Gale said...

No matter who she is cheering for, she is a living doll! Such beautiful features and long dark hair!!! What an angel! LUCKY YOU!

~*~The Narramore's~*~ said...

Hey I had to set my blog to private. I added your yahoo email account but let me know if there is a different email I should add! Thanks! :D